Our Location

Wellspring CV offices are within the appropriately named WellnessSpace. It is conveniently located in the Galleria area of Houston. There are two identical white brick office towers within this complex between Yorktown St. and S Rice Ave. We are located on the 2nd floor of the west tower at the intersection of W Alabama St. and Yorktown St. 

Parking in front of the building along W Alabama St. is a retail-only surface parking lot. Please do not park here. Visitors of WellnessSpace can park on the 2nd level of the parking deck. To access the 2nd level of the parking deck, drive up the ramp behind the building along S Rice Ave. When you reach the top of the ramp, drive down to the 2nd building (west tower). Park anywhere near the south entrance of the building (except for spots labeled “Reserved”). You will see a glass door with WellnessSpace written on it. This is the door to our reception and check-in area.