Achieving Optimal Blood Flow With Blood Vessel Repair

Always approaching his work with a drive to innovate and improve his patients’ livelihoods, Dr. Davis performs exceptional endovascular surgery. He was also among the first cardiovascular/cardiothoracic surgeons in Houston to use a needle technique to treat aneurysms.

Why Endovascular Surgery Benefits the Patient

Because we repair the blood vessels from inside the vessels, this is a far less invasive procedure than open surgery would be. Open surgery requires large incisions and often results in trauma to the area surrounding the incision. These long incision patients take far longer to recover and are faced with greater risks. Endovascular surgery, on the other hand, only requires a needle stick and use of catheter-guided, precise tools to perform the procedure. Smaller tools means less disturbance to the body, resulting in a smoother operation and an easier post-op recovery.

Endovascular Revascularization

One of the most common endovascular surgeries that Dr. Davis performs is Endovascular Revascularization for PAD. The goal of this surgery is to prevent the need for amputation by clearing blockages in the arteries (blood vessels) that are causing symptoms. To clear the blockages, Dr. Davis uses a catheter and a needle to enter the artery and remove the built-up plaque that is causing symptoms. Within a few days after the procedure, patients enjoy reduces pain and can get back to their normal daily activities.